Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My travels

This is for the many who know me n even the ones who don't...
I have been traveling for a lil bit now...
Last year i was out in Cali for a bit, a total of about 2.5 months...in that time and included my trips to San Francisco, San Jose, L.A., las Vegas, San Bernardino, riverside, corona,  n then west Hollywood, i am working my way back to the west coast but figured i would make a road trip out of it n see the country in my travels.
So i left Jersey in the beginning of July. Since then i stopped in north Carolina for about 3 weeks, then headed to Florida, since i been here in Florida i have been to Tampa, st Pete, Clearwater, Hollywood, ft Lauderdale,
I am no where near finished but i am getting closer, but i do meet lots of new, n interesting people, and progress with each step.
I love my life...
I will see the world by the end of it... i will have pics n video
So if you wanna check it out you could follow my posts.